There’s nothing more inspiring than pushing yourself except when you have your community to do it for you. Fitness Playground is fun and vigorous group training based on teamwork, competition, and having a blast!
This isn’t your average group training class that will run you ragged until you throw-up. The Fitness Playground at MEYER FITNESS brings creativity, fun, and interactive activity to the city of Norfolk!
A challenging and energizing class geared towards ALL levels of fitness enthusiasts, the Fitness Playground at MEYER FITNESS will deliver you the results, confidence, and camaraderie that you seek in exercise. Classes are 30 or 45 minutes in length, so you can always sneak a workout into your busy schedule! Compete in relay races, push and drag heavy sleds, improve your balance and agility with cone and hurdle drills, all while burning calories like you’ve never imagined! Through proper guidance in a positive, encouraging environment, everyone can find a successful path to health at MEYER FITNESS!
  • Unlimited Group Fitness
    $109 Monthly
    Unlimited Fitness Playground
  • Class Drop-In Fee
    $15 Each
    Gives holder access to 1 class