Group Fitness

$109 Unlimited!!

Our Group Fitness classes are full of fun, hard work, and results!!!

If you're looking for a new spin on group training where relay races, team building, and a slight competitive edge are all included in a butt-kicking 30 minute class, then the Fitness Playground is the way to go!

If running around isn't your thing, and you just simply want to gain strength and burn fat using free weights and your own body weight, then our Strong Is the New Skinny classes are for you! The highest level of coaching in Norfolk is included in these classes as you'll learn how to use your body to change your body!

Both of these classes sound good to you? No problem! Come to both as all classes are included in this low $109 price!

Meyer Fitness has NO CONTRACTS, meaning no more getting tied into lengthly contracts that make you feel guilty about going to the gym, Meyer Fitness is full of motivated locals that can't wait to get here and look forward to their gym time as one of the highlights of their day!