Health Coaching and Counseling

Welcome to Day One Wellness, a private health coaching and counseling office located inside Meyer Fitness.

 If you’ve decided to make a permanent lifestyle change, you know how important it is to create changes that you enjoy and don’t feel like a chore, or a temporary discomfort you must endure just until you reach a goal weight.

Doing your physical training at Meyer Fitness is certainly the first step in changing the old mindset when it comes to making exercise a consistent part of your life. Day One Wellness is here to help you with the other aspects of permanent lifestyle change that may have previously stifled your success.  If you’re emotional well-being is out of balance, your physical well being is most likely a reflection of that.

By working with Johanna you can address issues such as emotional eating and improving your relationship with food, self-esteem and self-worth, motivation, healthy coping skills, interpersonal relationships, and time management. Johanna is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in Health and Wellness Coaching and the treatment of eating disorders and substance abuse problems. No matter what your starting point is, working with Johanna can greatly improve your chance of creating lasting change by focusing on your individual needs.  Skills you may benefit from include: the practice of intuitive eating, learning to recognize your hunger signals, distinguishing between physical and emotional hunger, recognizing your feelings, and practicing mindfulness and interpersonal effectiveness.

Please visit the Day One Wellness website today to learn more about Johanna and how Day One Wellness can help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

"Coach Jo" Johanna Becker
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