Greta StempkaPersonal Trainer
I have been involved in the fitness world for about four years now. I have always enjoyed making up my own workouts and training with friends when we are at the gym together. I started off wanting to work in a Professional Sports Arena, but after moving to Virginia Beach and meeting the awesome people I have met my entire lifestyle has changed.
I am originally from Ebensburg, Pennsylvania where I attended California University of Pennsylvania and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sport Management.
I enjoy making my workouts fun and creative, you would be surprised at what you can use to workout with if you don’t have any equipment to use at home. Some of my strengths are being a good listener and listening to what people have to say to me. I’m a very approachable person if there are any questions which need to be answered, if I can’t figure it out myself I will find a way to figure it out.
Some of my interests outside of fitness is getting to spend quality time with my fiancé and our fur babies and hanging out with a few good friends. Different things I enjoy about exercise is you can make anything you do a fun way to exercise. One of my favorite pieces of equipment to use are the Bulgarian Bags. Lots of fun and so many exercises to be used with them! I also enjoy incorporating boxing into my workouts too! I enjoy finding different techniques and exercises to try myself so I can pass my knowledge along to my clients.
I am extremely excited to be apart of the Meyer Fitness family!
  • IKFF Level 1 Certified Kettlebell Teacher
  • Modern Kettlebell Sport Trainer – Level 2 (MKST)