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Brittany Rymer

Junior Trainer

I started my fitness journey like most people, with ballet, field hockey and soccer as a kid. Over time, I found my love of the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, and eventually began competing in sanctioned and non-sanctioned meets. I have experienced first hand the difficulties of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as someone who has struggled before to keep up with my fitness goals. Through my passion and excitement of Olympic Weightlifting, I found a way to not only achieve my goals, but also turn my hobby in to a career.

I am actively pursuing my Personal Training and Nutrition Certifications through International Sports Sciences Association, and plan to attain my level 1 USA Weightlifting Certification to further my education in coaching Olympic Weightlifting.

I’m excited to pursue my lifelong passion of fitness, as well as helping people see the real empowerment that can come from choosing to better their lives.

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