• My distance off the tee has increased drastically and my hips hurt less and less each month.

    Dr. Mark Fleming, Norfolk, Virginia
    Dr. Mark Fleming, Norfolk, Virginia
  • I love Bill Meyer’s “Total Body” approach to training. Rather than isolating muscles one at a time, he targets the whole body, requiring core strength and balance to complete each exercise.

    Kathy Finney
    Kathy FinneyAdult Personal Training client
  • I want to tell you what a great experience I have had with Bill Meyer as my trainer. He makes training fun but pushes you to always set your expectations high. I have muscles I haven't seen in thirty years. Thanks again Bill!

    Mary Elizabeth Howerin
    Mary Elizabeth HowerinPersonal Training Client
  • I had the pleasure of being trained by Bill during his last two years in Austin, TX. Being a professional triathlete, strength sessions needed to be very specific in order for me to get maximum return in my sport.

    James Cotter
    James CotterProfessional Triathlete, Athletic Development client
  • As a Senior in High School I initially came to Bill for combine training and mentoring and walked away with much more.

    Justin Allen
    Justin AllenStarting Linebacker, Rice University
  • Working with Bill Meyer not only helped improve my game on the court but opened my eyes to a different yet effective way of training.

    Jeremy Green
    Jeremy GreenStanford University Men's Basketball Team
  • The first time I met Bill in Austin, Texas we shook hands and then, following the briefest of pauses, he offered a question that solidified our friendship; "Want to train?" It would be cliché to suggest that Bill is a rarity in the Fitness Industry, because anyone really good is just that. Bill combines the patience of a dormant volcano with the persistence of the erupting version!

    Eric Chessen
    Eric ChessenFounder of Autism Fitness
  • Sessions with Bill were always the perfect fit because it pushed you to the limit while being fun at the same time. Bill's infectious enthusiasm and passion for the job motivated all of the athletes he worked with to reach whatever goals they had set.

    James Armstrong
    James ArmstrongAssistant Coach, Women's Soccer, Auburn University
  • Training with Bill Meyer has been great! His knowledge and interest in fitness and exercise is obvious during our sessions. Bill has a positive spirit that motivates me and doesn't let me give up!

    Laurie Marshall
    Laurie MarshallPersonal Training Client
  • Bill is one of the most motivated and educated fit pros I know. His passion in helping his clients is unmatched!

    Michael Seril
    Michael SerilOwner/President, Michael Seril Fitness, Inc.
  • Bill Meyer is one of the most creative and energetic trainers in the business.

    Christie Powell
    Christie PowellOwner, Champion Performance Physical Therapy
  • You hear it all the time: for your relationship to work, you have to find things you enjoy doing together. The Fitness Playground has helped us tap into dimensions of play and collaboration in our relationship that we’d never really explored before, my husband being basically an athlete and me being basically a nerd. We can be having the crummiest day, but spending time each day in an environment that values respecting and encouraging one another’s best efforts is often enough to hit that reset button and put us firmly back on the same team – a team that the friends we’ve made at Meyer Fitness genuinely want to see win. The Fitness Playground consistently gives us a heart-thumping, strength-building workout, but beyond that, it gives us new ways to support, challenge and surprise one another – which improves much more than our physical well-being.

    Jess & Andy
    Jess & AndyGroup Fitness Clients
  • When Meyer Fitness opened it’s doors in 2011, my life changed, and a new passion emerged. I had yet to put much thought into the world of challenging my physical strengths and weaknesses, but the way Bill and Lauren introduced fitness to me has helped me discover a new passion for training, and for living!

    Emily Martin
    Emily MartinCollege Student
  • Thanks for the best workouts ever!
    Margaret Fernan
    Margaret FernanGroup Fitness Client
  • The best gym in Norfolk!!
    Courtney Tierra
    Courtney TierraGroup Fitness Client
  • This Blue Devil loves Meyer Fitness!
    Rhiannon Harvey
    Rhiannon HarveyFencer, Duke University
  • You make coming to the gym easy, and then the pain starts! A good pain though!
    Nikos Zacharaikas
    Nikos ZacharaikasGroup Fitness Client
  • The only bad word is “can’t”. Thanks to Meyer Fitness, I know I can!
    Hannah Martin
    Hannah MartinPersonal Fitness Client
  • Meyer is the best in the 757!!
    Lee Hogge
    Lee HoggeSoccer Player, University of South Carolina
  • Loved the atmosphere here at Meyer. I felt welcomed and had a great time working with friends and colleagues.
    Juan Pellot
    Juan PellotFounder, Orion Strength Guild, NYC
  • Bill is a tenured expert in the field of strength and conditioning with a wide spectrum of experience. He has continued to challenge the status quo of conventional strength training and has done so with great success. With regard to his principles in engineering optimal athletic and human performance I simply can’t vouch for his acumen highly enough.

    Daney Foley
    Daney FoleyMS, CSCS,D*, TSAC-F,D*, USAW, NKT
  • Bill is a coach that other coaches look to as a role model! Extremely knowledgeable, an eternal student and has a genuine passion for helping others, seeing them improve and keeping the journey fun. If you are looking to make a positive change in your life, I highly recommend working with Bill Meyer.

    Ken Blackburn
    Ken BlackburnIKFF Head Master Trainer, International Team Leader, Owner of Blackburn Fitness
  • I’ve been coached by Bill for 3 years. I enjoy working with him because of the individuality in the programs he designs for me, which help me to achieve my goals and stay healthy at the same time. I also like the conversations we have about strength and conditioning; Bill is very knowledgeable and bright. He has a positive attitude when he coaches, and at the same time pushes me to the edge of my physical capabilities. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a coach. He is a charismatic leader and true professional.

    Kate McLendon
    Kate McLendonM.S Exercise Science, Classical Pilates Instructor, Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator (TSAC-F), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • The golf swing is more athletic and speed based than ever before. Bill understands this and can develop a fitness program that fits YOUR game and YOUR body. Working with Bill is now as important to my game as practice on my full swing, chipping, putting, and game management.

    Stephen Whitfield, Virginia Beach Virginia
    Stephen Whitfield, Virginia Beach Virginia
  • Since adding the TPI Certifications to his toolbox, Bill has changed from being just my fitness coach to a crucial part of my golf team. Simply put, my club head speed is UP and my handicap is DOWN.

    Clark Avery, Norfolk, Virginia
    Clark Avery, Norfolk, Virginia